Your safety is an extremely important issue to us and one that we continue spending time and money investigating, to enable us to offer you the best possible service.


We have been testing a new GPS navigation system comprising Quad Lock and the Wikiloc app. John has been using his (OLD) Samsung S9 for the past year on our KTM tours (mostly without a vibration damper) with no issues either on or off-road, and Martine’s iPhone 13 Pro has run flawlessly on all our Desert Rats tours for the past 2 years.
Technology has moved on, so from the beginning of 2023 we will be retiring our Garmin Montanas and fitting Quad lock supports to all our bikes (with vibration dampers for iPhones). There will also be a USB power outlet installed behind the headlight so that you can power your phone whilst navigating. If you have any doubts about your new iPhone Max surviving the tour off-road, fixed to the handlebars of your KTM, bring along an older smartphone.
Riders will need to bring their smartphones in a Quad lock case, download the routes in the hotel and work off-line while riding. We will supply everyone with a 10GB Sim card so they can run the ‘livetracking’ feature on Wikiloc.
The famous magenta (purple) line will now be green, overwritten with an orange line as you move along the track. The blue arrow ‘center screen’ is you.

One of the great benefits of this set-up is the ‘livetracking’ feature. It means we will be able to locate any rider that gets separated from the group whilst on tour.

This arrangement will be installed on both our off road and adventure bike tours and each morning you will open up that day’s route. This will continue to make things more interesting for you, the riders, as we continue to run our tours reasonably freely, allowing the faster bikers to lead and several smaller groups to be operating at their own comfortable speed between them and the support vehicle which is always following not far behind. Regular regrouping points are made. Having a GPS also allows riders to drop back and stay out of each other’s dust.

We regularly update and check our Moroccan routes before the beginning of each season as Morocco is continually putting down asphalt somewhere, as well as searching out new tracks and trails so that our repeat clients can experience new places, but they are getting progressively scarcer.

On all our tours off-road our support vehicle has GPS system with live tracking, a comprehensive professional medical kit, including defibrillator, vacuum splints and even oxygen, a compressor and a fridge to mention the most important.

your safety


When out on our KTM offroad tours, our mechanic will normally travel in the support vehicle. We have a Fiat-Fullback adapted to be able to carry a bike should it be necessary. It is fully equipped with our medical equipment – such as vacuum stretcher, defibrillator, splints and oxygen, a very extensive first aid box, a fridge, compressor, tools & spare parts for the bikes. We would use a Toyota Land Cruiser, or similar, if we needed a people carrier.

On our BMW tours our fully equipped assistance vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser or similar, will provide support for the riders, carry the 4×4 passengers, and also any pillion wanting some time off their bike.
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