Get a real adrenalin kick offroad on a Can-Am quad

kick offroad

If you are one of those people who look for ways to de-stress yourself while attaining new levels of excitement, then you’ll enjoy driving one of the Can-Am 800cc and 500c that Motoaventures offers – the quad of the moment designed for you to conquer the mountain and desert terrains we take you to. An ideal offroad vehicle for those with an adventurous spirit who want to experience nature and an incredible sense of freedom but don’t have a bike licence.

With total security these quads will enable you to travel longer distances in places difficult to reach in other vehicles

Places reserved for slow camel trains in times gone past – but now available at a much faster speed! With their precise driving style the Can-Am selection of vehicles are designed for the pilot to experience maximum enjoyment and emotions on all types of terrain, both on and offroad.

The engine noise, the dust and being surrounded by virgin desert or mountains… you can imagine you are in the Dakar, pitting yourself against nature and what it offers you, while having an amazing adventure with your friends.

You’ll return with some of your best photos ever!


An unforgettable Adventure following the many varied trails Morocco offers

If you are a group of friends looking for an adventure in Morocco to combine the two things that give you your biggest adrenalin kick – offroad and quads – then MOTOAVENTURES offers you the chance to do just this. A quad adventure, assisted by guides with more than 22 years of experience offering offroad tours in Morocco, who will make sure you have an experience of a lifetime and want to come back for more!!

Enjoy driving one of the Can-Am 800cc and 500c that Motoaventures

Our tours give you an exciting mix, taking you on some of the best mountain trails, as well as on sandy tracks deep into the virgin desert of the Sahara. Speed, mountains and sand!

A minimum group size of 6 quad riders is required and this will run parallel to the bike group, each group with their own assistance support truck. Regular pre-arranged stopping points for cold drinks, lunch or refuelling.

Prepare yourself for big emotions and fun, while enjoying the amazing scenery and contrasts that Morocco offers – immense golden dunes to conquer; vast white, dry lake beds to cross; mountains offering spectacular backdrops; sandy riverbeds; rocky trails; fesh fesh – powdered dust which will cover you totally as you make your way through it; African sunsets, and so much more.

We are waiting for you!!

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