FLASHBACK Feb 2015 – Our Discover Morocco tour in collaboration with Charley Boorman

Just imagine: 
– Day 3 of our journey and we’re on our way to the Sahara desert 
– As we cross the Middle Atlas a major freak snowstorm and the whole area a total white out. 
– A group of 25 BMWs, some 2 up, riding backroads on thick snow in the freezing cold 
– Maryam managed to get us all rooms in the only “hotel” in Midelt  
– There was no heating or WiFi, just a fireplace in the main hall which was lit all the time and became the central point  – The one night turned into two because the road conditions were so bad and we hoped for an improvement  Third day and time to leave 
– We organized a pick-up truck to transport 9 bikes and 4×4 taxis for their riders. The rest decided to ride. – 50kms in the snow, up over a mountain pass and……… clear roads & sunshine! 😎

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