Answers to some of the more frequently asked questions asked about our motorcycle adventures in Morocco.

The replies cater for both our KTM off-road and BMW Dual Sport adventure biking tours.


This depends on which type and tour you wish to join. In the description of each tour, we have given an indication of experience level from 1 to10 for your guidance.

On our off-road tours our first-time riders have usually had never experience riding in sand, and we will give guidance and tuition to them.

For safety, we consider that all riders should travel at their own pace. A GPS on every bike means we do not need to travel as a group but can ride more independently, allowing those wanting to go faster/slower to travel independently, (minimum of 2 bikers together) Our support truck will be following the same route. Regrouping spots are regularly organized. Your tour leader will take into consideration everyone’s skill level.

On both our KTM and BMW adventures we run a maximum of about 10 bikers normally.

We can arrange hire of both for groups of friends who want to ride both motorbikes and ATVs, but there would need to be a minimum of 5 ATV riders. They run parallel with their own assistance and a slightly different route to the motorbikes.

A full motorcycle licence is required on all our tours for insurance reasons. If not in English you will need to get an International one. It must be shown to us prior to the beginning of your tour.

For your own enjoyment it is always better to be active in some form of sportive activity besides the biking of your choice.

Our off-road tours are demanding, and a couple are longer days so riding stamina is very important.

As most riders who join us on one of our BMW adventures ride their own bikes back home fairly frequently, you will be aware of your stamina level needed to ride the distances we cover in Morocco.

Our KTM tours run faster in a more fluid environment where the focus is more demanding, whereas the BMW routes wind more slowly through the Kingdom, discovering its people, scenery and visiting places of interest.

The BMW tours are planned so that non-riders travelling as pillions or 4×4 passengers are catered for.

On our off-road tours we can arrange for a non-rider to accompany you. Please contact Su for further information.

We do not supply gear or equipment for our KTM tours as we consider that having enduro experience, riders will have their own.

It is possible to hire clothing for our BMW tours, by previous arrangement.

We always recommend riders to bring their own gear for guaranteed comfort/fit.

On booking, you will receive a recommended list of what to bring with you on tour. Please bear in that space is limited on our support trucks. We will loan all our riders a soft 40-liter travel bag and would ask you to control the weight to maximum 23 kg.

Riders bear in mind you will be in riding gear most of the days, only requiring comfortable clothing for the evenings, or on days off.

Always difficult to answer as this is entirely circumstance dependent. Thankfully, accidents are rare as we choose the routes with care. Both the guide and driver-guide have medical training, and we carry a full medical kit.


We have remained loyal to Morocco for over 25 years because it inspires us… Never the same tour twice. Marvellous people, stunning scenery and above all your expressions when you have to leave. On average, we have around 80-85% returns and referrals in a normal year – which definitely proves we must be doing things right!

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We have our own fleet of KTM450 motorcycles which we use exclusively for our off-road tours. They are rigorously maintained by our mechanic Hussein.

2021 – We are very excited to be returning with a fleet of Dual Sport BMW adventure bikes, based out of Marrakech, to take you further afield in this enchanting country.

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In our more than 25 years of travelling all round this exotic country we have never felt in danger or threatened. I (Su) have personally driven to many areas on my own, sometimes overnighting in my vehicle, and felt perfectly safe. One must be sensible – as in any country nowadays – but the Berber people are very welcoming and most helpful.

No, this isn’t necessary as every day of your tour is shown on the GPS as a simple magenta coloured line to keep the arrow on. Your tour leaders will give you a briefing on how to use it on the first evening.

A complex question as temperatures can differ quite substantially in the different parts of Morocco.  We have also seen that weather patterns keep changing, so no guarantees can be given.

However, we have chosen tour schedules and timings to coincide with, normally, the most suitable weather in the places we are travelling.

Arab, Berber, French and occasionally English and Spanish are the languages spoken by the locals.

Between us at MotoAventures, we can offer Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Catalan, Arab, Berber and English.

We always advise everyone to have dirhams in cash to pay for drinks and daily purchases, as small establishments don’t have card facilities. Some larger hotels will accept credit cards.

On arrival at Marrakech airport there is a bureau de change, or you can get money from the ATM.

The answer is yes, simply let us know your requirements, and we will ensure that the accommodations have the relevant information ahead of time. Similarly, if you have an associated medical condition, please advise us beforehand, so we can mitigate this to the best of our ability.

Unfortunately not. Morocco has prohibited drone import for security reasons since 2015 with little chance of this being changed anytime soon. Private drones will be confiscated on arrival.

There is no request for any specific vaccinations made by Morocco for visitors, but we would recommend you speak to your doctor to be sure. Anti-tetanus is probably a good one in case you fall off and graze yourself.

Post Covid-19 there will probably be an international requirement for all travellers to show proof of vaccination and most likely a PCR test prior to arrival/departure. Currently, it is too early to be able to advise on this, but as soon as we know further this answer will be updated


On booking, a 30% non-returnable deposit is required to secure your place. You can choose to pay either by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or by bank transfer. Our booking system will guide you through this process.

Two months before your tour date you will receive an auto-reminder that final payment is now due.

For our KTM off-road tours we require a 700 euro deposit against possible damages (can be equivalent in pounds or dollars) Due to tax on international cards this must be left with us in CASH, and it will be returned to you at the end of the tour once the bike has been checked over (subject to no damage).

On our Dual Sport adventures, we have included a VIP insurance which brings your total damage responsibility to just 1250 euros. Payable by credit card.


On all our tours we will always take you to the best available wherever we are stopping. Almost all our accommodations offer swimming pools but beware they can be quite cold!

Normally most hotels will have internet but cannot guarantee the quality.  If you must be sure of a good connection, we would suggest you purchase a Wi-Fi data card before leaving on tour. We can help with this.

Generally, massages can be arranged and when the hotel has a Spa facility then hammams and other treatments will be available. The Spa hotels are generally on our BMW tours.

It is advisable to confirm prior to arrival through one of your tour leaders.

Normally most hotels offer alcohol in their establishments.



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