BMW GS, the best travel companion for crossing the African Continent


In Spanish there is a proverb – “Mala hierba nunca muere” which roughly translated could be our “the devil looks after his own” – and the BMW GS could be considered an ideal fit for this. During the German manufacturer’s 40 years creating trail bikes, this particular model is considered one of the best-known ones, a bike to be seriously considered in the world of trail.

The GS was conceived to give the best possible experience to it’s driver during long journeys.

For this reason, this particular model has continually been improved upon over the years with particular attention to the engine and aesthetics.

Improving security and comfort have been major issues, which have maintained the GS’ prestigious position in the motorbiking world, while at the same time remain at the forefront of mechanical innovation for 4-stroke engines.

BMW motorcycle adventure in the African Continent

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Climb on the back of any of the family of BMW GS motorbikes, is without doubt to get on an incredibly versatile and complete motorcycle. Within the choice of large cylinder trail bikes, the BMW stands out on its own merits and for having features that distinguish it from its competitors.

BMW touring

A legend for being a robust and versatile bike, during the last 10 years the riding experience on this model has continually been improved upon, and new “GS ingredients” have been added to the “recipe”.

Today’s demand shows that much more than just a motorbike suitable for any terrain, it needs to convey that feeling of sportsmanship, dynamism and entertainment that is sometimes missing on trail bikes.

Be it the BMW GS 1200 or the BMW GS 800, these two bikes give a high level of return whatever the driver’s demands. For your peace of mind, the BMW GS is created with your comfort in mind, in particular BMW’s front Telelever suspension which can be regulated from the handlebars, and an adjustable rear Paralever shock-absorber. Add to these the bikes’ great ease of handling and a very low level of engine vibration due to the chassis design and structure, means minimized fatigue for the driver on long distance journeys.

bmw touring motorcycle

And of course,…. One mustn’t forget the powerful twin-cylinder boxer engine fitted as standard in the GS models, in particular the BMW GS1200 and GS800 giving 125cv to 80cv respectively, and which translates to 5l/100km on both GS models, minimal, considering the 238kg weight of the bikes when full.



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